Marital problems alcohol abuse

For many people marital problems and alcohol abuse are closely tied together, and when the situation gets too intense or stressful some people see alcohol as a way to escape. However, this is no way to try and resolve a problem and simply serves to make it worse. Many couples, at some time or another, experience marital problems and alcohol abuse is the natural comforter for some. Once the abuse of alcohol starts, it can be difficult to break the habit so it is vital that things are addressed before the situation gets totally out of hand.

Instead of turning to alcohol, each partner must be prepared to offer the time and dedication to resolve the issues at hand. This could mean sitting and talking things through, it could mean undergoing some form of self-help therapy, or it could mean attending counselling sessions together. What it doesn’t mean is turning to the bottle and drowning away your sorrows until you sober up. Things can be hard enough when you have marital problems and alcohol abuse can simply make things ten times worse.

There are many resources available for those suffering marital problems, such as marriage counselling and self help resources. In fact there are a number of routes that can be taken by those with marital problems and alcohol abuse is not one of them – in fact, turning to alcohol could sign the death sentence on your marriage and provides absolutely no constructive assistance.

Trying to break the connection between marital problems and alcohol abuse can be difficult for some people, and some may not even realize that they are doing it. A stiff vodka after an argument can soon turn into a couple of vodkas and so on. For many couples, discussion and compromise doesn’t even come into the equation, and the natural succession from an argument or fight is a drinking binge. What you should be doing in the case of marital problems is avoiding the bottle and having an open discussion with a clear head. This will enable you to work out the best route to take in order to try and actually resolve the relationship issues rather than simply push them to the back of the mind.

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