Infidelity Articles

  1. Why Do Spouses Cheat?
    The reasons for extramarital affars are as different as the people who are responsible for them.
  2. Warning Signs That Your Spouse Is Having An Affair
    There are a variety of tell-tale signs that identify a cheater.
  3. When You Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating – Should You Spy?
    An adulterer seldom admits his/her clandestine behavior, and, in fact, does everything possible to keep the “dirty little secret” as hidden as possible.
  4. How To Catch A Spouse Who’s Cheating
    If you can’t hire an investigator, you can do a little detective work yourself.
  5. Extramarital Fact & Fantasy – The Truth About Affairs
    Thanks to books, movies, and television, extramarital affairs and cheating have taken on an absolutely mythic quality.
  6. Cybersex and Online Addiction
    For some, the internet turns into obsession and obsession turns into addiction, with negative impacts on real-life responsibilities and real-life relationships.
  7. Sexual Addiction
    Like most addictions, sexual addiction is a way some people choose to blockout painful feelings.
  8. Pornography – Is It Good for Your Marriage?
    In a competition between a digitally enhanced, perfectly sculpted and air-brushed image in a magazine (or the ready-for-anything sex object in a video) and a pornography addict’s spouse … the winner is always pornography.
  9. The Emotional Impact of Discovering Infidelity
    “Crushed and humiliated” are two of the most common feelings associated with knowing that your partner has been unfaithful.
  10. What a Cheater Must Do After an Affair
    In order to break the cycle of infidelity, a cheater needs to take decisive action in three areas.
  11. Marriage Counselling After an Affair
    It is not a counsellor’s job or place to tell a couple whether or not to stay together.
  12. Repairing a Marriage after an Affair
    Although your impulse may be to rip it off your finger … hold on to your wedding ring.
  13. Signs that your Husband is Having an Affair
    It’s an unpleasant topic that nobody likes to dwell on, but sadly infidelity and extra-marital affairs are common these days.
  14. Emotional Affairs
    An affair does not have to involve sleeping with somebody else.
  15. Getting Trust Back in Relationships
    Getting trust back in relationships isn’t easy when one partner has had an affair.
  16. How to have Trust in Relationships
    Figuring out how to have trust in relationships isn’t always easy, especially if one of the people in the relationship has betrayed the other by having an affair.
  17. Extramarital Affairs Survival
    When a partner has an extramarital affair, the effect upon the relationship can be profound but extramarital affairs survival is possible with the right approach.
  18. Effects of Extramarital Affairs
    The effects of extramarital affairs can actually affect relationships very differently, depending on the couples’ approach to resolving the situation and the actual cause of the affair.
  19. Reasons for Extramarital Affairs
    There are a number of reasons for extramarital affairs, and by finding out why the affair happened you can make a more informed decision with regards to whether you feel there is any point in continuing with the relationship
  20. Signs of Affair
    Once you know what to look for it’s easy to spot the telltale signs of an affair…
  21. Why do Women have Affairs?
    The title says it all…
  22. How to Tell if your Husband is having an Affair
    Knowing how to tell if your husband is having an affair by identifying and acting upon the telltale signs though will help limit the emotional damage from the situation, as well as provide you with a head-start in managing the fallout from an affair.
  23. Online Affairs
    Is your partner having an affair with someone over the Internet?
  24. 10 Sure Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You
    There are many things that can tip you off that your partner is cheating.
  25. The Cheating Heart
    With so many ways available to cheat on your partner these days, defining true infidelity has become difficult.
  26. Internet Sex: Is It Adultery?
    Internet sex encompasses a wide range of activities that people participate in while they’re online.



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