Activities to do Together to Save a Marriage

Knowing that your marriage is heading down the slippery slopes and straight for the rocks can be a daunting and very sobering thought. Unfortunately, some couples don’t take the initiative to try and do something about it, such as finding mutually enjoyable activities to do together to save a marriage. Instead, they let the marriage fall apart even after years of being wed. By taking the time to think of activities to do together to save a marriage, you could help to pull your marriage back from the danger zone.

There are a great number of activities that you can do together to save a marriage, but the most important thing to remember is that they should be activities that you both enjoy. If you like to shop until you drop and he hates heading for the mall, planning an afternoon of hardcore shopping is unlikely to impress him. Likewise, if you like to go wild at the baseball game and she prefers attending the opera, getting two front row tickets to the next baseball game won’t be of much help.

To try and get a feel for what activities to do together to save a marriage you should cast your mind back to when you first met. Where did you meet? What did you talk about? Do you still have the same interests? You need to think of something that you have in common – perhaps you both enjoy classical music; maybe you both have a taste for Italian food; you might both enjoy extreme sports! Where did you meet? Was it on a skiing holiday? Maybe it was at the theatre; or perhaps it was over a crowded room at a fine restaurant.

Once you have worked out what sort of activities you can do together, you need to both put in the effort to drag yourselves away from distractions such as work, television etc. and spend quality time together doing things that you enjoy. Activities to do together to save a marriage will depend upon the list that you have come up with, but may include: 

§         Romantic meals at your favorite type of restaurant (e.g. Italian, Greek, etc.)

§         A holiday to your favorite destination (beach, city, skiing, etc. depending on your mutual interest)

§         Regular short breaks/weekends away from the stresses of everyday life (you could head for the lakes, the country or to the big city, depending on your mutual preferences)

Also, you should remember that activities to do together to save a marriage don’t have to cost the earth. Providing that you both enjoy doing that sort of activity, then it can be just about anything – as long as you are doing it as a couple. This could include going to the movies once a week, snuggling down in front of the TV to watch your favorite movies, cooking one another romantic ‘favorite’ dishes, and simply relaxing in one another’s company.



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