10 Sure Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1. Sudden change in words or phrases used
Say he comes home calling you Mami and using other spanish phrases when the closest he has been to the border is Taco Bell.

2. New techniques in the bedroom or no action in the bedroom
Now everyone has the right to educate him or herself and sexually experiment, but when s/he has never been one for lets say oral sex and suddenly does the deed without you asking, it should raise some red flags. No sex or sex without emotion is often a sign your partner is trying to cut the attachment he has to you.

3. Comes home late with an excuse that takes the attention off her tardiness
A classic example you should never fall for is the “there was an accident on the freeway and I stayed until the paramedics came”. She might even throw in details of injuries to make it more believable. Notice that her clothes are impeccable… free of stains or wrinkles that would indicate she was at the scene really helping out.

4. Unaccounted time
He’s says he going to the store to pick up some underwear, but doesn’t return for two hours. Does it really take that long to buy undies? Nah ah. Well, I guess if the store was out of his size and the next store he went to didn’t carry his brand… which is the BS you are going to hear when you asked why it took so long.

5. Starts a fight and storms out of the house … a lot
She picks a fight over a stupid thing like you never helping around the house and blows it out of proportion. She runs out of the housing claiming she needs time to herself. Yeah time with her “spare tire” most likely. By running out, it gives her the excuse to have time that she doesn’t need to explain, like where she was and what she did.

6. Is really possessive of her cell phone and cell bill
If you ask to borrow her cell phone to make a quick call, does she suddenly claims she doesn’t have a signal or that the battery is not charged. Strange, considering she was just on it five minutes ago! People who cheat and use their cell to contact their “other lover” don’t want to risk you going through the phone to see what numbers have been dialed. When the bill comes in, is it always taken, never to be seen again? Lack of evidence means no conviction.

7. Receives text messages that look like codes
So you got a hold of his cell while he was in the shower or sleeping, and you find text messages that look like code. Think back to when beepers were the rage and codes we used to send a message like I love you (143). It is the same concept for the text message. Codes are used to say when and where to meet. If you see a code that is repeatedly being messaged, I would have a friend text message him from a number he wouldn’t recognize with the code. If he suddenly makes a dash for the door, you have caught yourself a cheater.

8. She is working overtime, but her paycheck stub says different
You get a call that she’s working late again for the third time this week. You call her work and yes, she is there. So she can’t be cheating, right? Wrong. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but more people hook up with a coworker than anyone else. Some people just take the whole teamwork thing a little too far.

9. Suddenly changes the home phone or cell phone number for no reason
Changing of the phone numbers or getting a PO Box are tell tale signs that she is avoiding someone. Perhaps she did have an affair, ended it, but the guy won’t take no for an answer. These are signs that should not be ignored.

10. Your intuition… simply the fact you have asked yourself if cheating could be a possibility
It’s a sixth sense … you know something is wrong. You have no evidence, but know deep inside that there is someone else. I think Jodeci hit the nail right on the head with the song “Lately”. Follow your gut instinct, but don’t confront your partner until you have proof. S/he will only deny it, leaving you again with only that feeling that just won’t go away. By Lisa Fayed.



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