Why Women Leave Men

Marriages end every year due to one partner’s dissatisfaction with the other. Sometimes, the marriage dissolves due to mutual agreement, but most of the time, the divorce or separation is instigated by one of the two people involved. This kind of split can be deeply painful and knowing some of the common reasons that it can occur is quite helpful. You need to know what kind of things to look for and what actions you can take to keep your marriage strong.

In this article, we will look at some of the common reasons that women leave men. This will give you a good idea of what to watch out for, as well as allowing you to prevent these things from taking place in your own marriage.

· Infidelity – Obviously, this is the most talked about reason that women leave men. Faithfulness in a marriage is vital to its health and survival. Not only does infidelity create pain and heart break in the woman, but it also completely destroys the trust in a marriage. Without trust, a couple will have a very difficult time rebuilding their relationship.

Infidelity can come in various forms. Sometimes, men seek physical companionship from other women and the encounters are purely sexual without much emotional attachment. This type of relationship is often repeated over a period of time with different partners. The man may also be unfaithful with one woman to whom he is emotionally attached. This type of affair is often the end of a marriage due to the feelings between the man and the other woman.

But what most men do not realize is that women leave men over emotional affairs as well as physical ones. Men who become very close to women who are not their wives risk this kind of affair. If you are telling your deepest desires, sharing the details of your day, and longing to spend time with another woman over your wife, you may be involved in this kind of affair.

To prevent any of these unfortunate situations, it is vital that you maintain regular communication with your wife. Talk to her about what is important to you and keep her as your best friend. Do not neglect the romance in your marriage either. This will keep your love life fresh and healthy.

· Neglect – Too often men find that they begin to place their careers over their marriages. The time and effort required to get ahead in today’s competitive world can often leave men drained and exhausted at the end of the day. They may feel they have nothing left to give at home. They might travel a great deal and lost touch with the daily details of their wives lives.

When faced with this kind of situation, wives often feel neglected and unappreciated. You must keep in mind that your marriage takes work just as your career does. And while your career is important, maintaining a healthy connection to your life partner should be more important. Spend time on the weekends together and really listen to your wife’s needs. She will help you to find ways to meet them together.

· Disrespect – Even in today’s modern world, there are men who do not show women the proper respect. You may think you are immune from this behaviour, but you should take a close look at how you treat your wife to be sure. Disrespect can come in the form of excessive anger, unreasonable demands, and a dismissive attitude.

It is important that you give your wife the respect she deserves as your equal partner. Be sure that if you expect her to meet some of your daily needs that you are making an effort to do the same for her. Show respect for her in public, letting others know that she is important to you and that you are interested in her viewpoint. Most of all, take time to listen to her concerns. This can be the key to solving a lot of marital distress.



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