Why women have affairs

Why do women have affairs? It is a question that strikes fear into the hearts of all married men, because they naturally assume that it is because of them that their wife is likely to stray. In truth, men are part-right and part-wrong to think this way. Part-right because how well they perform as a marriage partner is directly linked to their wife’s satisfaction with their relationship…and if she’s not satisfied then chances are that she ‘ll be tempted to look elsewhere. Equally however, married men are part-wrong to think this way, as it takes two people to make a relationship work!

If you’re worried about your wife cheating on you, then take a look below. Here are the top seven reasons as to why women have affairs:

1) Opportunity – She meets someone who stimulates emotions in here that her husband does not.

2) Self-esteem – She meets someone who makes her feel more loved than her husband, or who lavishes more praise on her than her husband does.

3) Sex – She meets someone who can offer her the right level of sexual commitment that she wants out a relationship.

4) Fear of Aging – She meets someone who makes here feel young and appreciated again.

5) Communication – She meets someone who she feels she can better communicate with, or who is more attentive to what she has to say.

6) Personal Growth – As we get older our needs evolve. She may meet someone who can better meet her new needs.

7) Change – She may be bored with the same old routines and wants to experience something new and exciting.

Does it make scary reading for you? If so, don’t worry yourself to death! The good news is that YOU can satisfy your wife on all seven counts if you put your mind to it! Be creative with your solutions and I guarantee that you’ll easily lower the risk of your wife playing away from home



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