Successful Marriage

A successful marriage, so the statistics tell us, is becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon. In the developed world, one in three marriages end in divorce, and in some countries the divorce rate is much higher. It is true that a successful marriage takes commitment, dedication and a lot of hard work, but it is also fun too!

Here are three essential tips to make sure that you marriage is a successful marriage…

1. Don’t point the finger!

Why do partners get divorced? When you trace it back a lot of the time it is because their relationship has soured so much due to arguments and disagreements. But how did those arguments and disagreements start? Again, when you follow it back to the source the usual reason becomes obvious…blame! Blaming one another for a situation or problem is one of the quickest ways to destroy a marriage. You point the finger at your partner, they point it back at you. Both partners sulk and stop talking to each other, imagination takes over and you’re then well on the way to making your marriage anything but a successful marriage!

Blaming your spouse in a relationship has never worked and never will work. Sure, you can be angry, but don’t carry blame and resentment around, as it will kill your chances of establishing a successful marriage in the long-term. In times when you feel that you are about to point the finger at your partner, just take a step back, bite your tongue and diffuse the situation. If your spouse starts blaming you, don’t react or go defensive on him or her, just calm it down and get them in front of this article!

2. Daily Commitment

Commitment should not just be a word used on your wedding day. If you are to have a successful marriage, commitment must be an act & meaning transferred throughout everyday of your life together. In short, you must re-affirm those wedding day commitments made to each other on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something as simple as an enthusiastic welcome at the door every night will suffice. Daily acknowledgements that you will love, honor and protect your spouse, or making the effort to spend quality time with your spouse also demonstrates that your commitment is as strong as ever.

3. The Five-to-One Rule

Make your marriage a successful marriage by using the five-to-one rule. For every negative action you deal your partner, you should follow up with five or more positive actions, such as a wink, a smile, a hug or a compliment. Research shows that partners who actively follow this rule have a much happier and fulfilling marriage than those that don’t.

Adopt these tips and incorporate them into your marriage on a daily basis…if you do you have a greater chance of being on the successful side of those statistics!



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