Signs that your husband is having an affair

It’s an unpleasant topic that nobody likes to dwell on, but sadly infidelity and extra-marital affairs are common these days. And although you may prefer to shut your eyes to the possibility that your husband may be having an affair, until it comes out into the open there is little you can do to try and find out why he is having an affair and whether you, as a couple, can save the marriage. You can look out for signs that you husband is having an affair, and these are usually quite easy to pick up on once you know what you are looking for.

Some of the signs that you husband is having an affair include:

  • His friends, or mutual friends, seem to be acting suspiciously around you (this may indicate that they know about the affair and are uncomfortable).
  • His mobile phone rings a lot more, and he tends to turn it off quickly without answering it.
  • He starts wearing more aftershave in the mornings, and takes more pride in his appearance.
  • He starts to carry condoms around with him, even though you are on the pill.
  • He sets up a new e-mail account that you have no access to, or he starts deleting e-mails as soon as they come in.
  • He starts being suspiciously nice, bringing you flowers and chocolates for apparently no reason (this could indicate guilt).
  • You find scratches on his back or neck that you know weren’t inflicted by you.
  • He becomes more interested in sex and wants it more often
  • He suddenly starts working really late or has a large number of social events to which you are not invited.
  • A pretty obvious one, but you may find lipstick on his collar (it does happen!)
  • You can smell unfamiliar perfume on his clothes.
  • He starts spending a lot more money but seems to have nothing to show for it.
  • You find items of jewelry and other gifts that you didn’t give him and you’ve never seen before.
  • You receive calls on the landline, and the call goes dead whenever you answer.

These are just some possible signs that you husband is having an affair, but basically the trick is to look out for anything he is doing differently. It may be the things that he says as opposed to the things he does, such as accusing you of seeing someone else (which could indicate guilt) or mentioning some woman’s name a great deal.

Paying attention and trying to pick up on signs that you husband is having an affair can help to quickly identify any issues and will give you the opportunity to try and work through the problems before the affair gets out of hand. Of course, there is no guarantee that your husband is having an affair even if he does display any of these signs, and there is also no guarantee that if he is having an affair he will be willing to put an end to it and work through any issues with you.

However, looking out for signs that you husband is having an affair will at least enable you to decide what the best course of action is, and you could save yourself a great deal of time and heartache by finding out about your husband’s infidelity and extra-marital affair sooner rather than later.



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