Signs of affair

Is your partner cheating on you? Once you know what to look for it’s easy to spot the telltale signs of an affair…

Eight signs that your partner is having an affair

1) Your spouse starts paying a lot more attention to you…attention that gradually subsides over the ensuing weeks. This is a sure sign that he/she is feeling guilty about something! Guilt may even manifest itself in a decision to start buying you gifts as a way to try and ‘make it up to you’ in their own mind.

2) Your partner initiates changes in your love life, either by wanting more sex or less sex. Again, this is linked to how your spouse reacts to feelings of guilt.

3) He/she spends more time away from you, either by frequently being late home from work or by using excuses to get out of the house. This might also manifest itself in an unwillingness to accompany you when you go out with friends or to any other social event, and is even more worrying if your partner becomes evasive and/or secretive about their whereabouts.

4) Your spouse starts listening to different music. This could be an indication that the person they are having an affair with listens to this type of music, and so your partner wants to listen to that type of music too.

5) Your partner starts paying more attention to their appearance. This could be anything from buying a new wardrobe of clothes to switching to a particular perfume, aftershave or deodorant. Purchasing sexy underwear/lingerie that is never worn when you’re around is a dead giveaway!

6) Your spouse starts to seek more thrills in their life. For instance, he starts driving faster and taking more risks, or she starts going out clubbing without you.

7) Your mate becomes very defensive and/or uncomfortable when the subject of affairs arise in conversation. This happens because your spouse becomes self-conscious about what he/she is saying, lest they give their affair away!

8) You notice that your spouse leaves his/her wedding ring at home when they go out, or you find their wedding ring in a jacket or coat pocket.



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