Reasons for Extramarital Affairs

Many relationship fall victim to one partner having an affair, and this can have a profound effect upon the relationship in many ways. Some couples decide to work through the issues and try and get their relationship back on track, whereas other people immediately throw away potentially years of their lives without even finding out why the affair took place. Whether or not you decide to stick with a partner that has had an affair really is a matter of choice, but it is worth looking into why your partner had an affair before throwing away a potentially loving relationship. There are a number of reasons for extramarital affairs, and by finding out why the affair happened you can make a more informed decision with regards to whether you feel there is any point in continuing with the relationship.

Some of the reasons for extramarital affairs are outlined below:

  • Where, for whatever reason, there is no sex in the relationship. This could be due to disinterest from a partner or due to illness/dislike of intercourse.
  • Tension and stress, causing arguments and problems in the relationship. This could stem from anything such as finances or family issues.
  • Boredom, where the relationship has started to feel stale.
  • Loneliness, where a partner feels neglected by their spouse (this could be due to work commitments, family commitments or simply not spending any quality time together).

Most people that have an affair do not actually go out looking for an affair, and it is usually something that is lacking in their relationship at home that triggers off the desire to turn what could have started as an innocent friendship into something more. It is important to take in account the reasons for extramarital affairs rather than simply write off the relationship because of an affair. 

Of course, not everyone falls into these reasons for extramarital affairs, and some people may have an affair to simply spice up their own lives. And, yes, there are a few people that have gone out of their way to start an affair. But, in most cases, there is an underlying reason for the affair, and by taking this issue into account and trying to work on it, it is possible to try and move the relationship on and make the affair a thing of the past.



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