Marriage Enrichment

Marriage enrichment is all about making a marriage more fulfilling and rewarding for both partners. Similar to the way in which products are enriched through the addition on new components, so marriage can be enriched through the discovery of hidden potential that remains untapped in a relationship. In essence, marriage enrichment is the optimization of marriage.

Marriage enrichment is different from marriage counselling in that it is accessible by ALL marriages, regardless of whether the marriage is in trouble or not. It is a fun experience that does not focus on solutions to marriage failure problems, but rather focuses on how a marriage can be improved upon from its current position to make it more satisfying. Because of this philosophy, most marriages stand to gain from marriage enrichment as by taking up the practice, a marriage is woven more securely together, protecting it from the demons of failure. Even if your marriage is happy, five, ten or twenty years down the road, either you or your partner might not feel the same way. Marriage enrichment is a way to insure that this scenario never happens.

Marriage enrichment is often run as a course or workshop for participating couples. You can even sign up for a Marriage Enrichment Weekend, where couples are whisked off to an idyllic location in the country for a weekend residential course. During the course or workshop, couples are introduced to the concept of marriage enrichment and gain insight into the skills, resources and tools that can be used to unlock a marriage’s hidden potential. This is just as helpful to couples who feel deep down that their marriage has lost its way, as it is to those who are generally happy with the state of their marriage, but feel that there is room for improvement.

But just how effective is marriage enrichment in producing visible results? That rather depends on the quality of course attended. The word is getting out though. Those who’ve gone through the marriage enrichment process are ready to talk about it, and many believe that it has indeed improved their marriage, and in some instances saved it from ruin!



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