Marriage Counselling Theories

Over recent years marriage counselling has become a popular and effective tool for couples that are experiencing issues in their relationship or those that simply want advice on enhancing their relationship. The various marriage counselling theories are designed to give couples optimum fulfillment and satisfaction from their marriage by identifying weak points in the relationship and helping the couple to improve upon these aspects. Often, relationship problems stem from one or two particular aspects of the marriage, and again counselling can help to identify and help resolve these issues.

The variety of marriage counselling theories are based upon concentrating on various aspects of the relationship such as:

  • Communication
  • Mutual respect
  • Improving self esteem and confidence
  • Building trust
  • Honesty

Marriage counselling theories are designed to give couples a helping hand with their relationship, although it is essential that both parties are willing to heed the advice given by the counsellor as well as be frank and honest about their feeling about the relationship. The counsellor will often interview both parties individually to ensure that honest responses are given without the pressure of the other party being present.

Although they are very effective when put into action, marriage counselling theories can only work with the cooperation of the couple concerned. However, these theories have been tried and tested, and many couples have improved and revived their marriages through counselling, which goes to show that with commitment, dedication and a helping hand it is possible to get your marriage back on track.

These marriage counselling theories are based around some of the most important, yet the most basic, aspects of a relationship such as trust and honesty. By encouraging couples to look deep down within their minds, counselling can help them to work on the real issues at hand rather than focusing on more superficial issues that may simply be a result of the emotions that they feel deep down.



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