Marriage Counselling for Couples

Marriage counselling for couples is a method of psychological counselling for those that feel their marriage is in trouble. It could be that you feel that your marriage is on the brink of divorce, or it may be that you have issues that you would like to resolve before your marriage reaches that state. Either way marriage counselling for couples is an effective way to bring things out in to the open on neutral territory.

It is important that both parties are committed to saving the marriage and attending marriage counselling for couples. However, bear in mind that if your partner refuses to go at first it may not be because he or she is not committed to saving the relationship, but that they do not feel comfortable about the thought of discussing their personal thoughts and problems with a stranger. You might be the one that is loathe to attend marriage counselling for this reason – but if you are feeling ill – even with a personal issue – you go and talk to your doctor so that he can help you to get better. This is the same thing, except you receive verbal treatment rather than pills.

Marriage counselling for couples can be handled in a number of ways, depending upon which marriage counselling service you use. Some will assign a separate counsellor to yourself and your partner for the first session, and then move on to group discussion with all four parties involved. Other services will have the same counsellor meet up with each of you alone, and then all three of you start group sessions.

All marriage counselling for couples is strictly confidential and between the couple and their counsellor(s). The great thing about this type of counselling is that it helps you to get to the root of the problem. Your marriage may be deteriorating, and you may not even know why; but this type of service will help you to get to the source so that you can effectively resolve whatever is causing your marriage to breakdown.

A study recently carried out in Britain revealed that one in five couples that were considering divorce decide to stay together after attending marriage counselling for couples. This may seem like an invasive method to some people, but it is actually a very therapeutic service, and many people are surprised at just how effective it is. You may be harboring resentment and bitterness deep down in the psyche that you are not even consciously aware of. These feelings can fester, affecting the way you act towards your partner and the way you feel about your marriage. However, through a good marriage counselling service you can bring these emotions and hidden resentments to the surface and deal with them.

If you are both committed to saving your marriage, then marriage counselling for couples is an effective option. You may have been married for many years, and you have to wonder whether it is worth wasting all of those years simply because you are too embarrassed about going to seek help from a counsellor. Some people are frightened to see a marriage counsellor because they think it makes them seem weak and they are embarrassed about their marriage failing. However, seeking help is quite the opposite – it shows that you are dedicated, strong and are willing to do whatever it takes to get your marriage back on track.Â



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