Marriage Builders

Marriage is like a team sport. Work well together and you can achieve anything, but if you don’t gel then you’re heading for failure. Knowing which direction your marriage is going in is essential to achieving success, but as so often happens in teams, if there’s no agreement between team members, with proper division of tasks, then you end up drifting to an unsuccessful conclusion. In essence, you need a coach to give your marriage direction, and this is where marriage builders step in.

Marriage builders are a collection of marriage guidance resources that will help lead you and your partner towards a successful long-term marriage, no matter what your current situation. There are resources to suit everyone, from Internet web sites offering advice on how to deal with a whole gamut of marriage issues, to marriage counsellors and church/family oriented communities who will help to build your marriage up and make it strong.

Marriage builders all agree on one principle – a successful marriage must be built on a robust and reliable foundation. Get this bit right, and it will serve you well, keeping your marriage healthy through good times and the bad. But what constitutes a robust and reliable foundation?

Trust – Can you trust your partner implicitly? If you can, then you have the first cornerstone of a successful marriage foundation already in place. Sometimes, it takes time to build trust in a relationship, and marriage builders are there to help you uncover this trust. When you get to the point that you know your partner will always put your relationship first before anything else, then you’ve got a level of trust strong enough to give your marriage every chance of success.

Love – Love is when you know that your partner puts your feelings before all else, and its place is right at the heart of your marriage. Without love, marriage is but an empty gesture, and so must be nurtured and given direction. If love has deserted your marriage, then marriage builders will help you rediscover it.

Friendship – Is your partner your best friend? In successful marriages, both partners enjoy a friendship like no other. If the friendship component is missing then chances are your marriage will not last.

Communication – Knowing that you can pour your heart out to your partner, and that they can do the same to you means that your communication lines are well and truly open! If you’re in a relationship where it is difficult to express your feelings, or to get your partner to express his/her feelings then you need to spend some time on improving communication in your marriage. Marriage builders resources can help you achieve this too.

Marriage builders are there for a reason – to help you build a strong, long-lasting & successful relationship. Use these resources well.



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