How to tell if your husband is having an affair

Every year millions of married women across the globe receive a rude awakening when their husbands, apparently out of the blue, ask them for a divorce or move straight in with another woman. While certainly shocking for the people concerned, it should come as little surprise to the rest of us. Survey after survey reveals that between half and three-quarters of all married men in the developed world indulge in an affair at some point during their married lives. For women, this does not make good reading. Knowing how to tell if your husband is having an affair by identifying and acting upon the telltale signs though will help limit the emotional damage from the situation, as well as provide you with a head-start in managing the fallout from an affair.

Here are the four key changes to watch out for in your man – changes that show how to tell if your husband is having an affair:

1) Sexual behavior changes – If you notice that your husband wants more sex than usual or is increasingly denying sex in your relationship, then you can be sure that something is on his mind. Equally, if your husband introduces new sexual techniques into your relationship then it may just be that he has picked them up from an extramarital lover.

2) Emotional behavior changes – Has your partner become more moody, angry or stubborn lately? Is he more argumentative than usual or do his emotions seem confused and mixed up? If so, the guilt of betrayal may be hanging heavy on his mind.

3) Physical behavior changes – Does your partner spend more time grooming himself than usual? Has he purchased a new line of aftershave or new clothes that are not worn in your presence? If your husband, for no apparent reason, has all of a sudden started working out in the gym five times a week then you might well ask just who is he trying to impress?

4) Lifestyle behavior changes – Are your husband’s daily routines significantly changed from what they used to be as a result of his own initiative? For instance, is he working in the same job but is now frequently late home from work? Has your husband taken to going out regularly with supposed work colleagues, friends or to do sport or another activity, when previously he did nothing? If so, then your husband could well be using them as cover for his extramarital affair.

If you’re worried that your partner is having an affair then don’t bury your head in the sand. A cheating spouse must be confronted, no matter how painful it might seem. Your future happiness depends on it!



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