How To Make A Relationship Work

From eyes meeting across a crowded room to that first kiss, love is the catalyst that brings two people together. They have no knowledge of each other, but are willing to see where their liaison might take them. Sound familiar? It should be, as this is how most relationships start out. We are all different; each of us made up from the sum of our life experiences to date. But no matter what our background, if we want our relationship to work then we must understand how to make a relationship work.

So just what are the elements of a good relationship? Every successful relationship is built on a strong foundation – a foundation where respect and communication are the two cornerstones. Mutual respect for one another’s feelings is essential if a relationship is to work. If you are just in a relationship to serve your own needs then you’re going to run into trouble, as denying your partner’s rights to express themselves is not how to make a relationship work at all. Both partners should have equal rights in a relationship – make sure this is respected.

Good communication, where both partners feel that they can talk openly about any situation – even the more difficult subjects in a relationship – is equally as important. This does not mean that you have to see eye-to-eye on every issue…not many people in stable relationships do! Agreeing to disagree is fine, so long as arguments are resolved and not left in the balance with one or both partners going into silent-sulk mode.

Actively seeking conversation from your partner and encouraging them to talk about themselves, their feelings and opinions without any prejudice or hidden agenda on your part is how to make a relationship work. But it’s not just about getting them to talk it is also about being able to listen…I mean REALLY LISTEN! Only when you can sit down with your partner and truthfully say that you heard and felt every word that they said will you have a relationship that is really going places.

Other essential ingredients required to make a relationship work include…

Honesty – Being truthful to each other, as well as truthful to your own feelings is a central principle in all successful relationships. If you can tell each other your worst secrets and its okay, then you’ve got a strong relationship that will last.

Sharing – Common interests that you both enjoy is the glue that binds a relationship together. If you both appreciate doing things together like going for a quiet walk, going on an activity holiday or learning a new language then you’ve got the makings of a steadfast relationship.

Making time for each other – Busy lives, whether embodied in careers, friends or family commitments can dull a happy relationship. Don’t become ships that pass in the night…ALWAYS make time for each other, no matter how stretched your schedule!



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