How to have trust in relationships

Figuring out how to have trust in relationships isn’t always easy, especially if one of the people in the relationship has betrayed the other by having an affair. However, in order to move on it is important to try and rebuilt that trust and build on the relationship, thus making it stronger than it was even before the affair. This may sound like a difficult if not impossible feat, particularly if you are still reeling from the effects of your partner’s infidelity, but with determination and mutual respect it can be achieved.

One thing to remember when trying to work out how to have trust in relationships is that you have to be able to communicate with one another. We all know that relationships are based on trust, but trust is all about being open and honest. You need to encourage your partner to tell you how he or she is feeling, and to let you know whenever there are any doubts, worries or issues that could affect your relationship. This is something that you also have to do in return. Keeping things – important issues that could affect your relationship – to yourselves is just the start of the deception that can often be the downfall of a relationship.

Many people that don’t really know anything about how to have trust in relationships think that building trust is all about checking up on one another and exercising paranoia, but this simply makes both parties distrustful of one another rather than building trust. In order to enjoy a trusting relationship both parties have to be willing to talk openly with one another rather than keeping secrets to themselves.

Trust is also about forgiveness, and in order to try and build a trusting relationship you have to be willing to forgive for past mistakes. Having a past mistake niggling at the back of your mind will mean that, no matter how well intentioned your are, you are will never quite manage to trust your partner, which can make a big difference.



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