Getting Trust Back in Relationships

When you discover that your partner has been having an affair, your world can be turned upside down. You will probably go through a series of emotions, blaming him, blaming yourself, even blaming the kids. You could end up dwelling for years on what went wrong. But the important thing – the thing you must really focus on – is getting trust back into the relationship. Getting trust back in relationships isn’t easy when one partner has had an affair. However, trust is the basis for a good relationship, and if you decide you are going to try and work through your issues then you must work on trying to trust your partner again. At first you will invariably feel as though you can never trust your partner again, but by working on this issue it can be resolves in many cases.

One thing to remember is that getting trust back in relationships isn’t about being paranoid, stalking your partner, checking up on him or her constantly, and demanding to know what your partner is doing every second of every day. This sort of behavior is more likely to put a permanent end to the relationship or drive your partner back to the person with whom he or she had an affair.

The key to getting trust back in relationships is to make it a mutual issue. Rather than demanding that your partner does something, have a proper adult discussion with your partner. Trust should be based upon encouragement rather than demands, so you should encourage your partner to be straight and upfront with you with regards to any issues, problems, emotions – anything that could affect your relationship.

You also need to work on the issue over which your partner had an affair in the first place. In most cases, a person has an affair because there is something missing from his or her own relationship. Perhaps you were not spending enough time together; maybe you weren’t enjoying a sexual relationship together; it could be a myriad of things that are not anyone’s fault but have simply resulted in your relationship becoming inadequate or stale. Working on these issues should see an improvement in your relationship, which tends to go some way towards getting trust back in relationships.



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