Finding a Marriage Counsellor

Is your marriage going through a rough spell? If it is you might want to consider some outside help to get things back on track. Finding a marriage counsellor who has experience in resolving issues similar to those that you face is a good start, and is likely to be of more use than if you were to just rely on advice from friends and family. But how do you go about finding the right marriage counsellor for your situation?

Marriage counsellors are not all the same! Many specialize in certain marriage guidance areas, or prefer to emphasize the use of specific methods during therapy, some of which may make little impact on your relationship. You want to know that your marriage is in safe hands, and that your counsellor will do all in their power to bring you and your spouse closer together. When finding a marriage counsellor it is therefore vital to first assess their competence in the areas in which you feel your relationship is lacking, and to then understand how they will approach your issues.

This can all be done through a simple phone call. You should choose four or five different marriage counsellors to call. Use resources such as the Internet, phone directories and local marriage resource guides to find your “call-list”, as well as recommendations from anyone you know who has undergone counselling. Phoning several counsellors will help you to compare the different ways in which counsellors work so you can figure out what best suits your needs.

Before making the call, jot down all of the important questions that you have in mind with regards to counselling. This should include asking the therapist about their previous experience, finding out about their qualifications and certifications, as well as obtaining an explanation of their approach. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready when you make those calls, as you will want to note down their answers to your questions for later evaluation.

After making the calls, the next step in finding a marriage counsellor is to assess the therapists responses to your questions. Think about how efficiently your call was handled, and how confident and friendly the therapist sounded on the phone. It is important that any counsellor you choose makes you feel relaxed and is 100% focused on you. You should be able to get a general feeling for this over the telephone. Your aim at this stage should be to narrow your list down to one preferred marriage counsellor that you and your partner can visit on a TRIAL BASIS.

Finding a marriage counsellor that you really want to work with can be challenging. But as long as you stick to these basic guidelines, and make your first visit a trial visit, then you’ll soon find the right therapist in which you can place your trust…good luck!



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